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July 31, 2016


Multiple rooms contained filing cabinets with company’s records, making collaboration between new offices virtually impossible. An outdated e-mail service created roadblocks for setting up users with safe, fast and reliable accounts.

The client’s IT department comprised one person who was not able to keep up with the technological and logistical demands of a growing staff. Their technician was stuck implementing short-term fixes instead of long-term solutions that would propel the company forward and equip them for success.


SPINEN embarked on a discovery phase to understand the ins and outs of the client’s business, spending time onsite to ask the right questions and observe the workflows. This deep understanding of the business enabled our IT team to create and prioritize an exhaustive list of the company’s technological needs and the challenges they would face during expansion.

First on the list was modernizing the file system. SPINEN implemented an electronic document management system that allows both local and remote access through a user-friendly and secure website portal and integrates seamlessly with standard office software. Once records were digitized, a robust Microsoft Exchange messaging and email platform was installed to further improve efficiency and collaboration among staff in satellite offices. Next, a Barracuda Backup Server was added and configured to provide uninterrupted access to critical data. With the basics in place, SPINEN then developed a business continuity plan for disaster recovery with redundant servers that allow for real-time failover. No downtime, no lost productivity hours.

That was 6 years ago. The company expanded seamlessly, doubling the number of offices and personnel. To this day, we act as the company’s virtual CTO, conducting annual budget reviews and providing recommendations to ensure we make continuous improvements, maintain the company’s technology assets and keep up with industry developments. When urgent help is needed, the client knows our techs will respond within an hour and a solution will be in the works in record time.

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