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Overused often in oratory, “synergy” is a simple concept: A whole that is greater than the sum of its parts because of the interaction of those parts. And excitement is the ubiquitous hallmark of synergy.

Our Team

Again and again over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen the SPINEN team grow as individuals and as a group because we are all energized and excited by each other’s challenges and successes.

SPINEN is a unique mix of technology professionals: Systems technicians, network architects, DevOps engineers, programmers, web designers, and writers. This mix allows us to get outside the confines of our individual areas of expertise. Does a designer have anything to teach a programmer? Can a technician inspire a writer?

Yes. We watch it happen every day.

The synergy of our team, the shared excitement, comes not so much from what we do, but what we stand for.  Our expertise is in finding the most effective ways that technology can support businesses. That’s what we do. What we stand for is taking ownership.

There are thousands of firms that can provide technology services. Many of them look at their services as a list of tasks to complete for a client. This is unengaged service; unengaged service is a commodity. There’s nothing wrong with service as a commodity, except that it usually lacks the passion that lends energy, creativity and dedication to problem-solving.

Engaged service, where the provider and client share common goals of overcoming challenges, is an alliance – a partnership based on proven ability and trust. At SPINEN, we take responsibility for the challenges and needs our clients bring to us, and encourage employees to do the same: “Let’s solve this like it was our own challenge.”

That’s taking ownership, and it comes from the excitement and passion for what we do. It’s the difference between a mere service provider and a strategic ally.

Leading the Charge

Every great team needs great leadership. Meet some of our leaders:

Jimmy Puckett

Jimmy is SPINEN’s CEO, but you won’t hear him introduce himself that way. Typically, it’s “Hi, I’m Jimmy.” Titles, while they have some value, have never been of great interest to him. Rather, business owners and the challenges they face, and the geeks who want to solve them, have always been his focus. And as a graduate of Mercer University with a double major in Technical Communication and Computer Science, it’s no surprise he loves to talk tech. Jimmy provides the strategic vision for SPINEN, finding ways that bleeding-edge technologies can become leading-edge solutions for ever-evolving business challenges.

James Norvell

Also a graduate of Mercer University, James earned his degree in Business, specializing in information systems. With his business acumen, James is all about process – how to most efficiently get from here to there. As such, he acts as a cartographer for both SPINEN and our clients, a Magellan mapping out the best ways to navigate through challenges and achieve success. But don’t let the business knowledge mislead you; with extensive experience in network architecture, managed services, cloud solutions, and branding, James is as much a geek at heart as any member of the SPINEN team.

Raun Schrock

Raun joined SPINEN with more than ten years of experience as a network administrator and IT manager in the banking industry. Here, he leads our Infrastructure team and keeps the department’s day-to-day operations and activities running smoothly. Raun’s top priority is to ensure our clients stay happy, so when a new ticket comes through, the client can be confident that it is assigned, scheduled and completed in a timely manner. Managing the many competing schedules and unexpected fires may sound overwhelming, but Raun thrives in what he calls the “adventure of the unknown” and takes pride in creating order out of chaos.

Raun’s belief that great communication is necessary for great teams helps him excel in his role at SPINEN and has led him to explore how diverse personalities can work together to become successful. To that end, once a year, he leads a three-week course for young adults on interpersonal relationships and personality types. Raun lives in Monticello, Georgia, with his wife and four children and spends his spare time restoring antique motorcycles and tending to his plants and trees.

Johanna Nutt

Johanna Nutt never intended to stay at SPINEN. She was, in fact, pursuing a nursing degree when she joined the team several years ago. However, two planets aligned perfectly: Johanna loves to help people, and that is SPINEN’s focus – solving problems with technology. Johanna now leads our Solutions Team, who are responsible for intake (connecting clients with the right team members to help them), service scheduling, and procurement. Our clients know Johanna will reach out to them when it’s time to renew mission-critical items such as antivirus licenses, warranties, maintenance agreements, and SSL certificates. To call her an “office manager” would be a misnomer; her job is closer to that of an air traffic controller, making sure we take care of our clients and that service requests, managed services and projects run smoothly.

Adam Harper

Adam Harper is part of our inside sales team. Before joining the team, Adam spent five years with Chick-Fil-A®, a company known for dedication to customer service. While at Chick-Fil-A, Adam served as training manager, customer service manager, and finally as shift manager. Adam then worked with the Florida East Coast Railway, helping to ensure accuracy and timeliness of customer shipments. With his background in customer service, Adam knows the key to sales is not finding clients who will buy a particular solution, it’s finding clients who need that solution: “I don’t want to talk anyone into buying anything; I’d rather hear about some complex problem a business owner is facing, and be able to say ‘I know how we can fix that together.'”

Randell Ray

Life-long Georgia resident, Randell Ray is a graduate of Reinhardt University with a degree in Communication and Media Studies, and has been involved in sales and marketing solutions with several companies since 1996. With a ready smile, he works with business owners to find the best ways that digital branding, online marketing and the latest web technologies can help them realize their goals: “There’s an amazing array of online technology and marketing tools available to businesses today–but it can be difficult for a business owner to determine what fits his business best, and how to get the most bang for his buck.” Randell works with our clients to select the best solutions, determine digital branding strategies, and helps manage projects to ensure the best results.

Stephen Finney

There’s a stereotypical conception of programmers as brainy, antisocial misfits; lonely nerds hacking away in a darkened rooms, more at home with ones and zeros than their fellow humans. As with most stereotypes, this image is inaccurate. Stephen Finney is passionate about technology, as is everyone on the SPINEN team. But he finds the real reward is seeing the real differences the SPINEN AppDev team’s work can make: “The goal of my work is service, and my reward is seeing it bring value to the lives of others. I’m most excited about my projects when I can see and feel the tangible effects of the work on other people.”

Stephen joined SPINEN after graduating from Mercer University’s Computer Science program. Expanding on his interests and talents, he now also serves as scrum master for the AppDev team, client liaison, and project manager.

Luke Reimer

Luke came to SPINEN by way of the great Northwest, starting out as service manager. As did several other members of the SPINEN team, he soon carved out his own niche, gravitating to DevOps where he could combine his programming knowledge and interest in cloud and virtualization technologies. He is a regular contributor to GitHub, sharing his successes and challenges with the developer community at large. He has worked on projects to provide solutions within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure as well as solutions for private data centers. Luke is known for helping clients define their DevOps needs, organizing impromptu Wiffle® ball games and ping-pong tournaments, and automating testing, scalability and maintenance tasks for both SPINEN’s internal infrastructure and for our clients.

Expect accelerated changes in the way technology will shape your business in 2018.

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