Who We Are

Overused often in oratory, “synergy” is a simple concept: A whole that is greater than the sum of its parts because of the interaction of those parts. And excitement is the ubiquitous hallmark of synergy.

Our Team

Again and again over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen the SPINEN team grow as individuals and as a group because we are all energized and excited by each other’s challenges and successes.

SPINEN is a unique mix of technology professionals: Systems technicians, network architects, DevOps engineers, programmers, web designers, and writers. This mix allows us to get outside the confines of our individual areas of expertise. Does a designer have anything to teach a programmer? Can a technician inspire a writer?

Yes. We watch it happen every day.

The synergy of our team, the shared excitement, comes not so much from what we do, but what we stand for.  Our expertise is in finding the most effective ways that technology can support businesses. That’s what we do. What we stand for is taking ownership.

There are thousands of firms that can provide technology services. Many of them look at their services as a list of tasks to complete for a client. This is unengaged service; unengaged service is a commodity. There’s nothing wrong with service as a commodity, except that it usually lacks the passion that lends energy, creativity and dedication to problem-solving.

Engaged service, where the provider and client share common goals of overcoming challenges, is an alliance – a partnership based on proven ability and trust. At SPINEN, we take responsibility for the challenges and needs our clients bring to us, and encourage employees to do the same: “Let’s solve this like it was our own challenge.”

That’s taking ownership, and it comes from the excitement and passion for what we do. It’s the difference between a mere service provider and a strategic ally.

Leading the Charge

Every great team needs great leadership. Meet some of our leaders:

Jimmy Puckett

Jimmy is SPINEN’s CEO, but you won’t hear him introduce himself that way. Typically, it’s “Hi, I’m Jimmy.” Titles, while they have some value, have never been of great interest to him. Rather, business owners and the challenges they face, and the geeks who want to solve them, have always been his focus. And as a graduate of Mercer University with a double major in Technical Communication and Computer Science, it’s no surprise he loves to talk tech. Jimmy provides the strategic vision for SPINEN, finding ways that bleeding-edge technologies can become leading-edge solutions for ever-evolving business challenges.

Matt Handley

Matt’s passion for technology and teaching make him a natural fit for his role as SPINEN’s Solutions Architect and vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer). In this position, he works with clients to assess the current status of their technology assets, identify and prioritize business needs, and create actionable plans to help meet business objectives. Matt has more than 8 years of experience in IT management, networking, and security, and last served as IT Manager of Kumho Tire Georgia. He holds a Master’s in Information Systems and Technology Management and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration, specializing in IT Management. Matt lives in his hometown of Macon with his wife and two kids.

Randell Ray

A lifelong Georgia resident, Randell is a graduate of Reinhardt University with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. Prior to joining SPINEN, Randell spent 14 years in the HVAC industry, turning a weekend gig as an installer to a full-fledged career as a sales and marketing executive. He eventually landed the role of Vice President and began to oversee all aspects of the heating & air business. As the Account Executive of the Branding department, Randell works with business owners to find the best ways that digital marketing and the latest web technologies can help them realize their goals: “I enjoy learning the ins and outs of a client’s business and honing a marketing mix that will meet their needs and objectives.” Outside of work, Randell can be found enjoying one of his many hobbies or a perfectly rare sous-vide ribeye steak. He resides in Cumming, Georgia, with his two dogs and wife.

Josh Dentmon

Josh is our Account Executive. Originally from Northwest Georgia, he came to Macon to attend Mercer University. While studying Philosophy and English Literature, Josh worked for Mercer’s IT department for 4 years, gaining real-world IT experience. After college, he worked in the insurance industry for almost 9 years, first as a Claims Adjuster, then later running a successful small business as an insurance agent. Joining SPINEN in October 2017, Josh brings a unique blend of technical knowledge, business experience, and customer service expertise that ensure SPINEN’s clients receive a superior IT experience.


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