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What makes a perfect client?

In our experience, the best clients are not necessarily the “easiest” clients – that is, the clients who agree with all suggestions, don’t ask questions, and generally take a “Let us know when you’re done” approach. Such clients aren’t fully engaged in the project at hand.

Our clients have a right to expect us to be fully engaged, attentive, passionate experts. We depend on our clients to be just as engaged, to know what results they want, even if they are unsure of how technology can help them get there (that’s what we do!). Without that level of commitment from both parties, the final product will suffer. As the old saying from computer sciences goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

We have found that we are able to work best with clients who:

  1. Have clear, specific, measurable goals for their businesses
  2. Are fully engaged in the process of defining the deliverables for a project
  3. Expect expert advice based on verifiable fact and previous experience
  4. Understand the relationship between profit and customer satisfaction (profit is what you make now; customer satisfaction ensures you’ll continue to be successful)

We find these traits to be indicative of a successful partnership because these are also our traits. Having this common ground helps us understand and better serve our clients in any industry vertical.

Many of our first clients are still with us. In fact, many of our client relationships have endured for more than a decade. These successful relationship didn’t “just happen” – they are based on reliability, trust and value. If you, like us, are a business leader who understands the value of long-term relationships, if you need an ally more than a vendor, then we may be the technology services match you are seeking.

Expect accelerated changes in the way technology will shape your business in 2020.

Let us become your technology ally.

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