When we have an opening for a specific position, you’ll see it posted here. But we are always interested in talking to talented, intelligent people – men and women who are passionate about technology, want to know that their contributions make a real difference, and are dedicated to providing the best customer service.

Available Positions

We are always interested in talking to highly-motivated, creative people in any area of technology. Email us and tell us a little bit about yourself.

SPINEN is an equal opportunity employer.

The Fit

As employers of an extraordinary team of people, we have always focused on the “fit.” In fact, in many cases the fit with the team is more important than specific technology skills.

So what is “fit”? It is intelligence and aptitude. It’s attitude and inquisitiveness. It’s dedication to excellence in customer service. We have found that the happiest employees are those who are passionate about technology, eager to learn more, work best in team environments, and want to see the difference their work makes.

In an interview, CEO Jimmy Puckett once put it this way: “I’m not going to hire someone just looking to make X amount of dollars. Everyone that’s in here doing this is a geek. It makes them tick, and the money just happens to be there, secondary to what they do. Everyone here is getting paid for their hobby.”

We welcome smart people who take ownership of goals and enjoy seeing them achieved. And we foster SPINEN as a “marketplace of ideas;” we hire smart people and allow them to improve what we do through open, collaborative discourse. Sharing ideas, debating methods, and researching new technologies creates excitement and brings new knowledge. Sometimes it happens at the keyboard, sometimes in front of a whiteboard. Maybe even while playing ping-pong. As business owners, we know it is impossible to mandate creativity, but easy to nurture and value it.

Working With Us

Job seekers who value mid-sized cities for their balance of cultural, entertainment and shopping opportunities in a more family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere than larger cities can provide will also find both work and personal activities fulfilling at SPINEN.

Macon, a central Georgia city of approximately 100,000, offers a full gamut of lifestyle options, from downtown loft living to peaceful suburban settings. Music venues and unique dining establishments provide a vibrant nightlife, while museums and parks offer opportunities for family outings. Because Macon is located in the heart of the agricultural area of Georgia, the best of city and country is available. Like to fish, hike, or hit the farmer’s market? It’s all just around the corner.

Though some positions require a full-time in-office presence, for other positions teleworking is an option for candidates with a good combination of focus and attitude.


In addition to your salary, most positions include the ability to earn monthly bonuses by meeting acceptable levels on key performance indicators (KPIs).

We also offer a full array of benefits, which include:

  • A comprehensive health plan, with the monthly premiums for employee-only coverage covered 100%
  • Employer-provided life insurance (up to $50,000 policy) and long-term disability at no cost to the employee
  • Low-cost vision, dental, and short-term disability plans available
  • Nineteen days of paid time off each year
  • A robust 401(k) retirement plan with matching contributions; employees may participate after completing 1 year of service

Technician and project management positions also include a mobile phone and a phone plan which includes data and a business-level Internet service account for your home.

While we offer competitive salaries for all positions, we feel it is important to offer a benefits package that augments your overall compensation. Typically, benefits provided can make up nearly a quarter of your overall compensation.

Expect accelerated changes in the way technology will shape your business in 2024.

Let us become your technology ally.

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