vCIO Consulting Services

Our vCIO consulting services provide an organization with a holistic approach to addressing critical issues as well as planning and preparing for future business needs.

Your High-Level Technology Advisor

Utilizing our vCIO services allows SPINEN to work with your senior management to ascertain your business goals and objectives, helping you leverage your technology assets to meet those goals. We assess the current status of your technology assets, identify and prioritize needs, and create actionable plans to help meet business goals. 

By taking the time to fully assess your needs and create a long-view plan, SPINEN helps create a clear roadmap designed to meet your most important technology and business goals. 

We offer the following vCIO consulting services: 

  • Aligning technology initiatives with business objectives, formulating a strategic plan, and analyzing business processes to facilitate changes in technology 
  • Participation on your executive steering committee to provide strategic guidance, assist with budget planning and developing a roadmap where technology is harnessed to meet business objectives 
  • Assessments for strategic planning in order to increase efficiency through process and technology analysis 
  • Supervision of strategic technology initiatives 
  • Knowledge of current industry trends to create a future-oriented solution, helping your company invest in the right technology at the right time 
  • Examination and IT audit consultation, including how to respond to IT-related questionnaires for third-party and regulatory agencies, third-party IT audit support and consultation to prioritize audit-finding remediation 
  • Disaster recovery planning, including consultation for enhancements to disaster recovery testing procedures and assisting with the development of your business continuity planning program 

Your vCIO will meet with you regularly during the term of your services contract on a schedule determined by your needs (typically monthly or quarterly). If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, please use the contact form below or give us a call. 

Expect accelerated changes in the way technology will shape your business in 2024.

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