Computer Chip Delays Impact Lead Times

Production delays have reached our industry. A shortage of computer chips has created extended lead times for Cisco’s components and products.

June 21, 2021

If you have followed the news lately, it will probably come as no surprise that global and local manufacturers have experienced production delays. Due to several compounding factors including the effects of the global pandemic, these delays have impacted nearly every industry. Cisco’s CFO recently confirmed that a shortage of computer chips has created extended lead times for the company’s components and products.

Our Procurement team is already seeing an increase in backordered equipment, and we expect to see continued delays through the end of the year. What you can do: Plan ahead! Please contact us about equipment needs as far ahead as possible to help minimize delays. We suggest a month ahead at a minimum, and the more lead time you can provide, the better. If you need assistance with your equipment order, please contact [email protected] or 478-314-0600.

SPINEN will continue to monitor the situation and will update you about any developments.

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